Successes don’t just happen. They are built. With hard, systematic work.

Startups don’t die for lack of technology. They die for lack of customers. Our job is to fix that. No miracles, just proven methods.

Gorilla Ventures

Is a startup accelerator which helps entrepreneurs develop their ideas from concepts to scalable, global business. We make seed investments and participate in the business development of the company –be it about strategy, product/market fit, go-to-market execution or international sales.

Has complementary, asymmetrical expertise based on vast experience – we know what happens next, and can help you prepare.

  • Prepared investor material, facilitated investor meetings resulting in a funding round
  • Identified a new product/market fit to result in a positioning and value proposition that works.
  • Contacted >100 potential customers in major markets to gauge interest and build a sales pipeline
  • Did customer validation to understand where the real market is
  • Created an inbound content marketing sales model
  • Developed strategy, resulting in a merger and industrial investment

Business Development examples:



Gorilla Acceleration Fund

We invest at a seed level primarily in companies where Gorilla Ventures has a business development role.

We have pooled funds from private investors + Finnvera, we plan to make over 20 investments from the existing commitments.

  • We prefer BtoB or BtoBtoC
  • Ideally you have your first paying customers and some revenue.
  • The heart of your business should be based on ICT.
  • We like cases which will not need VC level funding before exit.

Portfolio companies